Queer we go again
Mar 19

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Mar 19

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Kitty does not know what to do with the butterfly that landed on its paw.
Mar 19


Kitty does not know what to do with the butterfly that landed on its paw.

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Mar 19

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Mar 19





Here’s a lovely fundraising message from two of our organizers, Lexi and Askari! Big things to note are that we are still $12,150 away from reaching our goal!! so to close that gap we have added NEW PERKS! Please signal boost, donate, purchase perks, and give us a shoutout to your various networks! <3 

Transcript of the video:
Lexi: hiiiiiii
Askari: I’m Askari Gonzalez
Lexi: and I’m Lexi Adsit.
Askari: we’ve been working really hard the past couple of months to make this MAJOR thing happen, the International Trans Women of Color Network Gathering!

Lexi: We are currently at $4,550 and we need 12,150 more to make our goal!

Askari: We have recently added some amazing perks in addition to our already fabulous perks! to high-light a few, we are selling cards for Gold Dust Studio
Lexi: TWoC Legacy shirts that include and features Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, Miss Major, and Dorian Corey
Askari: Yes, we also have posters from Radical Design School (which are really awesome)
Lexi: Hand knitted cable mitts by Carly
Askari: signed copies of my memoir Trauma Queen and Transreal by another organizer of this Network Gathering, Micha Cardenas
Lexi: gluten-free baking lessons from Leah in Toronto (hey Leah! Shoutout!) who will also be at the AMC
Askari: and we also have Shiatsu treatment by Lamia Gibson. One of our biggest new perks is Artwork by Drew Belsky. Sorry I stole your thunder there.
Lexi: It’s fine! Go ahead. Just do the do, why don’t you.

Lexi: We would be super appreciative of any monetary donations, purchasing of perks, and signal boosting this to all your vast networks via Facebook, E-mail, Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, text messages. Yeah, just do it! Just send it to everyone you know, your mom, your grandma!

Askari: Please, we would really love in you supporting us in creating a foundation for trans women of color to build transnational solidarity. with each other In doing this work, we can shift the current sensationalizing narratives into empowering stories we share with each other! :)

Lexi: Thanks! and donate! and share!
Askari: We love you, and thanks for your support, and we’d love to hear from you all soon.
Both: Goodbye!




HELLA new perks now too!!!

"Your lips are the only thing I want to taste, in the early hours of the morning. While our legs are wrapped inside the sheets and our bodies close together."

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Mar 13


Really please stop trying to invalidate words like transmisogyny and misogynoir because your shitty feminism erases the specific ways that certain groups experience misogyny due to their various intersections.

Mar 11
When you start smell&#8217;n that white feminism in class
Feb 19

When you start smell’n that white feminism in class

"Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured."

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Feb 18
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